Following Our Commander

February 2018
Pastor Jeremiah Krieger

“But the one who hears and does not do them is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. When the stream broke against it, immediately it fell, and the ruin of that house was great.”(Luke 6:49 ESV)

As the Civil War was reaching its final days of battle, Confederate troops were racing to High Bridge near Farmville, Virginia to escape the Union forces.

General Washburn and a Calvary of 80 horsemen and 847 infantry were in hot pursuit. Suddenly, these Union Soldiers found themselves surrounded by 1200 rebels. Washburn was hoping to get to High Bridge to burn it down and choke the last of the Confederacy.

In the midst of a desperate situation, Washburn came up with a plan to pierce through the Rebel lines and destroy them from the inside out. Orders were given to the infantry who were hunkered on the ground to follow the Calvary into battle and fight.

Washburn led the charge. The two forces clashed in the middle. But Washburn’s infantry never got up from the ground. They didn’t move a muscle. The Confederate Calvary picked up on this and they were emboldened in the battle. When all was said and done, Washburn’s infantry sealed their fate because they failed to follow orders.
Every single Union Soldier was either killed or captured! Only 100 Confederate troops lost their lives.

Just like in military battles, it is critical to follow orders, so also is it crucial to follow our Commander in our faith. Jesus calls his disciples to follow Him. Discipleship is following Jesus as Lord of your life. The Lord is the master. The director. The one who calls the shots. He is the one who sets the chief example. The one who gives the marching orders.

Jesus gives us orders for our benefit. He doesn’t want us to fall. In Luke 6, 46-49, Jesus says that the one who hears his words and does them is the one who has a sure foundation. It is the person who hears Jesus’ words and does not put them into practice whose foundation is the one that crumbles.

Following Jesus by listening to his commands is the way that we build a foundation that we can be confident will sustain our life. It will impact every decision we make. It will help us overcome attacks from the enemy.

Jesus wants us to be victorious in the battles we face in life. He doesn’t want us to be counted as a casualty of war. The greatest struggle we face is that sometimes we are like those soldiers hunkered down on the plains when Washburn gave his orders. The command to charge was given and the soldiers didn’t move.

The soldiers became a massive casualty. Washburn was their commanding General. He carried the rank, but in practice the soldiers didn’t listen. Each soldier remained in his predetermined position. The truth was that each soldier illegitimately pulled rank over the General by not obeying orders. The result is that they were decimated.

The spiritual war’s end that we all face today has been determined. But there are still battles we face each day. Whether our struggles involve loving our spouses well, disciplining our children right, making finances work, or the challenges we face at our jobs, Jesus wants us to be victorious. Jesus gives us direction and leadership in every situation we encounter, but are we listening to his commands?

Jesus asks us, “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you?” Jesus is the commanding General, and we can have confidence in the strength and abilities of His leadership. He’s won the greatest battle the cosmos has ever faced when he was nailed to the cross and overcame death to rise back to the Father in glory.

Let’s remember that our victory is in Jesus Christ. Satan has been vanquished on the Cross. Jesus is King. Let’s follow His orders for our life. God bless you and stay safe under the command of the Lord’s leadership!
Pastor Jeremiah 

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