Salvation Through Numbers

Salvation Through Numbers
September 2017
Pastor Jeremiah
“When you go to war in your land against the adversary who attacks you, then you shall sound an alarm with the trumpets, that you may be remembered before the LORD your God, and be saved from your enemies.” – Numbers 10:9
Have you ever found yourself frustrated because you cannot seem to kick that bad habit or sin in your life that keeps popping up too often? Or do you sometimes find yourself discouraged, isolated and alone when life’s troubles smash into you like a Mack Truck? Being alone in the midst of struggle is not fun, and nobody wants to admit when they need help. That is not the kind of life that God wants for his people. There is a better way that is life giving during difficult times.
The book of Numbers is a narrative of Israel’s history written by Moses. At this time Israel was a nation preparing for war after God had delivered her from the hands of Egypt. Numbers describes how God was getting Israel prepared to enter the promise land by providing a battle plan to fight against enemies of God who would be adversaries to Israel’s peace and prosperity.
In Numbers 10, the Lord instructs Moses to make trumpets. There were different signals that were announced through the horn. In verse 9, God instructed Moses to sound a signal when Israel went to battle against her enemies. The purpose of this signal was a battle call.
When the horn sounded, Israel would be called to arms to prepare for battle and fight. Israel’s salvation from her enemies required commitment to sounding an alarm throughout the camp. This alarm brought everyone together and strength was found in numbers. Salvation was found through the many people of God sticking together.
Today, our willingness to sound the horn still corresponds to our salvation. God is not necessarily calling us to make or buy a trumpet when we are in the midst of a spiritual battle. But if that works for you, go for it! Rather, there is a different way we can sound the alarm.
Confession is the sounding horn that frees us from the grasp of the enemy. When we are in the face of temptation, we need to have a signal that we send out to trusted friends and family who can support us as we battle (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10). When our enemy the devil is looking around for somebody to devour (1 Peter 5:8), and when his target has been set on you, one of the best ways to fight the battle is to gather strength in numbers.
When facing temptation to sin or the adversities in life, sending a text or making a phone call out to trusted friends is a great way to sound the horn for battle. Meeting regularly with people you trust who will spur you on in your faith is a great way to build trust and establish a network of warriors who will fight against sin with you and who will uphold you when your strength is failing.
Sounding the horn is a gift that God gives us to see us through in our salvation. Overcoming the enemy requires steadfastness and lasting commitment to “sound the horn” when we are faced with the choice to sin or doubt God in our struggles of adversity. When we confess to another, I am angry, or I am full of lust, or when we say, I fear man, or I am hurting right now, it brings us into the light before God and gathers others around us who will fight with us through temptation and adversity.
Just as Israel was required to sound the horn in order to be victorious over her enemies, so also ought we sound the alarm to take up arms to fight against sin. Who do you have in your life that will be an encouragement to you when you struggle? Who in your life holds you to live by God’s word instead of the ways of man in the midst of adversity? Finally, are you being that person to others?
Salvation, in Numbers, was found by Israel when the horn was sounded. Salvation in numbers (of trusted friends around us) is also how God saves us from the enemies of sin an temptation today. Let’s battle together and not alone.
Battling with you,
Pastor Jeremiah