Enjoying the Blessing That Belongs to You

November 2018
Jeremiah Krieger
“So Joshua said to the people of Israel, “How long will you put off going in to take possession of the land, which the LORD, the God of your fathers, has given you?” (Joshua 18:3 ESV)
When I graduated from nursing school and passed my boards, I made my first major purchase. I bought a queen sized pillow top mattress. It was awesome! The problem was that I felt a little guilty for having purchased something so nice. I wasn’t used to having luxury in my life. So I ended up sleeping on the floor for the first few days instead of enjoying the mattress. I eventually got over it and started using the mattress after I realized that God had blessed me and it was OK to enjoy his blessings in my life.
When Israel has entered into the Promised Land there were some who were hesitant to take the Land that was promised to them. There they were just camping out. Hanging out in the subpar ordinary life. There was so much more for them to enjoy, but they had to take hold of it.
The spiritual life is the same. Jesus doesn’t promise health, wealth and prosperity in this life. But he does promise the abundant life, and that life comes through a relationship with Christ. There is a life of adventure and promise that we can enjoy when we follow Jesus.
Often times, we sit on the sidelines of our faith, as if we are watching the game but having not really participated. Instead of saying, “that was an amazing touchdown,” or “incredible home run,” we are saying, “wow, great service,” or, “the church was full today,” or, “that missionary had a great story.” We might have so little to do with the growth of others, and we might not be fully committed to the service opportunities that requires self-denial that Jesus frequently gives us because we are pursuing our inwardly focused selfish agenda.
We sit and watch every week when we could be part of the story. It is better to be in the game than it is to be watching it as if we aren’t supposed to be involved. Spectating is not nearly as fun. We were created for the joy of following Jesus and being in right relationship with God. We can’t enjoy that if we are just watching from the outside living the mundane life and not believing that blessing is for us— that God could use us to make a difference in the lives of others; that the abundant life comes through selflessly and sacrificially serving Jesus. Let’s make sure we are in the game by putting Christ first, loving others well and grabbing hold of the opportunities Jesus puts in front of us each day. After all, these are the blessings that belong to us.
Pastor Jeremiah