“Dinner for Eight”: If you would like to join a “Dinner for Eight”, or even maybe a few more, and you don’t receive a phone call in the next week or two,  please let Pastor Rick know.  Groups are now forming, and our intent is to miss no one.
Jr Bible Quiz Team starting up in August: Will you consider helping one day a week with practice? Parents: this is a great way for your kids to get in the Word and in the habit of memorizing it and applying it to their lives; for school kids in grades 2nd-5th. All practices will be held at the city park, next to the swimming pool. To start we will practice the 9th & 11th from 3:00-3:45pm and the 16th and 18th at the same time. Then starting on August 23rd the rest of our practices will be from 3:45-4:30; the 23rd, 30th, Sept 7th, Sept 13th, & Sept 20th. Then we will finish with the Jr Bible Quiz Tournament at Camp Machasay on Saturday, September 25th– the exact time will be announced as we get closer. If you have any questions or would like more information please call the office, 854-2452, and leave a message if no one answers. Thank You!
“Believe” Adult Sunday School class continues. In this video-based study from bestselling author and pastor Randy Frazee, participants will experience a transformative journey through the Bible by exploring the essential beliefs, practices, and virtues that every Christian needs to know. Grab a cup of coffee, and pull-up a chair around a table for a study that will utilize video, large group and small group discussion.  Don’t miss it. This week: Stewardship
Church Emails: If you would like to receive church emails and prayer requests via email please call the church secretary at 854-2452 to get on the list. 
Worship Team: If you have any desire to come practice with the worship team, we meet on Thursdays at 7pm and Sundays at 8:30am to practice. We would love for you to join us!
If you have a prayer request and would like the church body to be lifting you up in prayer, please contact the secretary at the office either by phone: 854-2452 or by email: info@holyokefbc.com.
Contact Information: If you are new or perhaps your contact information has changed and would like to receive information from the church via e-mail, please contact the church or fill out a form in the foyer.

Do you wish to share a prayer request? Please utilize the church website or app to submit prayer requests.

If you have any requests to share, they may be submitted though any computer or mobile device. To submit a request, please visit: http://www.holyokefbc.com/prayer. All requests will immediately go to the pastor, all the deacons, and the church secretary. The requests will then be shared with the prayer chain. If you have any questions about how to submit requests online, please let pastor know or any of the deacons or the church secretary. We will be happy to help.
Ministry Update: 
The Children’s Ministry at FBC, lead by Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Sue Cooper had some fun activities and events this summer to help children grow in their knowledge of God and to put their trust in Jesus. As  school is just about ready to start up, children in the community have two exciting opportunities to be excited about: the Jr Bible Quizzing league that is starting August 9th (see more details in the announcement column) and then our annual Root Beer Float Night to help get kiddos excited about BASIC Training starting in October. 
Don’t forget Children’s Church is still going on through the summer; this is a great opportunity for children age Pre-K – 3rd grade to hear God’s word taught in a way that is meaningful to them and easy to remember. We look forward to the opportunity to see your child this summer and speak God’s word into their lives. Hope to see you soon! 
Below are a few photos of the fun that was had during VBS here at FBC! The theme of the week was that “Jesus’s Power will pull us through” and  “We are trusting Jesus” It was a great time of fellowship and worshipping God and His goodness to us. 

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