COVID Concern and Church: If you are concerned about the virus and attending church in person, please know that the leadership at FBC wants you to feel comfortable worshipping the Lord without feeling nervous about COVID. Therefore if you prefer to worship with us through the online options, please know we support your decision. We want you to do what you feel most comfortable doing. Thank you!

BASIC Training Update: Just recently the deacon board informed me that they prefer BASIC Training stay closed until after Christmas.  They are hoping the virus will settle down before Christmas and we can start fresh in January. We really miss seeing your kiddos and we would love to bless them (and you).  If you don’t have a regular place to worship, First Baptist Church has a Weekly Sunday service at 10:30 am.  Since it’s December things will be centered around Christmas.  We at BASIC would like to invite you and your children to visit us on Sunday mornings in December.  We have music where the children are present with you.  Before the sermon the kids 4yrs -3rd grade are dismissed to Kids Church where they get a short video story, play games, do crafts or a color page.  Again, in December, teachings will be centered around Christ’s birth.  On the 13th and 27th we have Grapple for the kids 4th grade to 6th grade. We love your kids and we’d love to see them this December.  Whatever your plans, have a great December, a very merry Christmas and we will see each other next year!  

Update Information: If you would like to receive the Worship Guide by email each week or would like to update any of your other contact or personal information, please fill out the bottom portion of this Worship Guide, detach it and drop it in the basket on the welcome cart. If you prefer to have your email and other contact information used for office use only and not shared with any ministry leaders, please specify that on the information slip before placing it in the basket: Thank you!

SUNDAY SCHOOL  First Baptist offers classes for your whole family at 9:30 am.  Come out early and be blessed.  Kids Church and Grapple are still offered during our Worship service.  
SUNDAY MORNING SUNDAY SCHOOL: The Adult Sunday School class,  “The Story”  continues. This week,  The Battle Begins: swimming against the current in the world we live.

In December First Baptist Church would like to bless the members of our church who are confined to the nursing home. Small gift donations will be collected and ladies will sort them into gift baskets for each member.  Those donations can be dropped off at the church through December 15th.  

Christmas Eve Service: Join us at FBC for a Christmas Eve service at 6:30pm as we celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

LADIES mark your calendars!  On Tuesday  December 15th we will come together to celebrate each other.  We will meet for lunch at noon at Blisties.  Bring a nice wrapped gift costing $10 or less for a gift exchange.  ALL ladies are welcome, however there is no childcare.  

Do you wish to share a prayer request? Please utilize the church website or app to submit prayer requests.

Submitting your requests online will help keep the information accurate and ensure that it is sent out to the right people. It will help us to be more efficient in getting the needs out to the congregation too. If you have any requests to share, they may be submitted though any computer or mobile device. To submit a request, please visit: All requests will immediately go to the pastor, all the deacons, and the church secretary. The requests will then be shared with the prayer chain. If you have any questions about how to submit requests online, please let pastor know or any of the deacons or the church secretary. We will be happy to help.
Submit your prayer requests online. You can now go online and submit prayer requests. If you would like prayer, as an additional option to calling the church office or sending email, you may visit

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