Children’s Sunday School

KIDS’ Zone: Praise (9:15-9:35am)

KIDS’ Zone: Grow (9:40-10:25am)

Pre-K through  2nd grade Sunday school class is on Summer Break. It will start back up in August when school resumes with teacher Laura Beth Schroetlin. There will be a packet of activity and coloring pages available for this age group at the beginning of each month on the secretary’s desk so the children can continue to learn and grow in their faith. 
Angie Powell teaches the 3rd through 5th grade class.  Their class laughs and learns together using the “What’s in the Bible?” curriculum to learn the stories of all the major in the Bible and how they fit together to tell one, big redemptive story.
Ron Lock teaches the junior and senior high school group. The class usually starts out with games of several different kinds, with a bonus snack or something hot to drink every now and then.  They are currently going through a study called “Conflict:  Overcoming Stress in your Relationships” where students candidly share real-life stories and learn how to reach peace and forgiveness in the relationships that mean most to them.