Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry at First Baptist Church is a broad term used to describe all the different and varying women’s groups within the church.  FBC’s Women’s Ministry encompasses three arms of church ministry:  Study, Service, and Social.




The second arm of Women’s Ministry at FBC is service.  We strive to show Christ’s love by loving others, both within the church and outside it.
One way FBC’s Women’s Ministry Coordinators serve and meet needs in our congregation is by organizing the preparation and delivery of meals to those who are in need  due to sickness or injury.  They also oversee the delivery of flowers, cards, and gifts in times of celebration and loss.
Certain ladies within the ministry also work hard to serve families who have memorials at our church by planning a reception including a hot meal for the families before or after the funerals. .
Additionally, women’s ministry oversees the general care and gives special attention to those in the church body when the opportunity arises.  In the past, we have packed care packages for college students, held clothing drives, and provided financial sponsorship for orphans across the globe.


Women’s Ministry organizes events that encourage people to fellowship together.  This includes meal preparation, coordination, and clean-up for church dinners as well as organizing special events through out the year.
We hold an annual women’s event/fellowship where ladies, young and old, are invited to gather to eat good food and enjoy one another’s company.
During the summers, ladies in the church like to meet at our local parks for fellowship or go out to lunch together. Sometimes these events are planned within the Bible study groups which hold studies throughout the year, and other times similar events are organized for any and all ladies interested in attending.