Ismael & Esmirna Lopez, Missions Door
Location: Holyoke, CO, USA
Ministry:  Ismael and Esmirna have planted a Spanish-speaking church in Holyoke, Colorado. Following their vision of planting seven new churches in northeastern Colorado and southwestern Nebraska, they are planting another new church in Imperial, Nebraska.
As part of their ministry, they work with many migrant workers who do not speak English, helping them with legal issues, housing and food distribution, teaching them English as a second language and caring for many other physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
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Gary & Laurie Scheer, World Venture

Location: Rwanda, Africa
Ministry: The Scheers work in Rwanda with the local churches and focus on training the local pastors and leadership.
The Scheers have will retire from World Venture at the end of July however they will still volunteer and train new recruits for World Venture work. For more info and prayer updates, please click on the link below: 
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Tim & Joy Butler, Youth for Christ
Location: Denver, CO, USA
Ministry: Tim works for Youth for Christ in Denver focusing mostly on youth in the youth prison system.
For more information about this ministry and to learn more about the work Tim does, please visit the page “Youth for Christ: Tim and Joy Butler.”
Contact Info:
Phone: 303.843.0370
Rick & Sonja Cleaver, Youth Challenge        
Mike & Micaila Frazier, Youth Challenge
Location: Serving Northeastern Colorado
Ministry: The Cleavers split their time working at Camp Machasay and working in their local church, as well as with Bible quizzing teams in northeast Colorado.
Contact Info:
Phone: 970-520-3315
Website: www.yci.cc

Randy & Marlene Green, Mission Mobilization International

Location: Based in Colorado Springs, CO while taking trip throughout the years to Mexico and South America

Ministry: The purpose of Mission Mobilization International is to reach government officials, military, police, and firefighters with the gospel. They accomplish this by offering many practical seminars dealing with stress, family, leadership, and ethics, during which they have opportunities to share the gospel and see many saved.

Contact Info:
Phone: 719.761.6258
Email: randygreen527@aol.com
Tim & Janet Hall, World Venture
Location: Rome, Italy
Ministry: The Halls work training church leaders in Italy and also serving with the European Ministry Leadership Team in Eastern Europe.
Contact Info:
Website: https://www.worldventure.com/sslpage.aspx?pid=731
Phone: 720-288-6104
Email: t2j3hall@msn.com; janethall710@msn.com
HOPE Uganda (Helping Other People Engage Uganda)
Location: Wera, Uganda
Ministry: The FBC joined hands with Children’s HopeChest to provide support for the village of Wera, Uganda, through sponsoring children and helping fund projects. Though FBC has stopped sending groups of volunteers to Wera on Mission’s Trips, many individuals and families in the church body continue to faithfully support and sponsor children. 
This is a community to community model of helping vulnerable people groups to gain their dignity and sustainability back due to circumstances beyond their control. James 1:27.
Contact Info:
Church Office: (970) 854-2452
Email: info@holyokefbc.com
First Baptist Church Holyoke also supports the general funds of Rocky Mountain Church Network